Winter Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Winter Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Your garage door is an asset to your home, and you want to keep it functioning properly for as long as you possibly can. You can improve a garage door’s longevity and functioning by making sure routine maintenance takes place. Here are a few tips for winter garage door maintenance that will help you keep your door operating smoothly:

  • Wipe down the weatherstripping and inspect it for damage and cracks
  • Open and close the door, listening carefully to see if there are any strange noises
  • Lubricate all of the garage door’s moving parts then wipe off excess lubricant
  • Clean dirt from the tracks, rollers, and the door itself
  • Make sure all the hardware is tight and check for any damaged bolts and brackets
  • Test the balance of the door and if it is out of balance, call a technician
  • Inspect the rollers and if they need replaced, call your technician to take care of them
  • Replace any damaged or cracked weatherstripping
  • Inspect the cables and if you suspect problems leave their repair to an expert

Besides extending your garage door’s lifespan and leaving it operating more smoothly, winter maintenance can help improve energy efficiency and make sure your home stays the optimal temperature and you are not paying out extra for trying to heat an area with air leaks.

Enlisting The Help Of A Garage Door Expert

There are many aspects of garage door repair that should be left up to the experts because of the risks involved. If you are performing maintenance and notice any issues, be sure to call a qualified garage door technician. When you have a broken garage door, it is much more than just an inconvenience. It can increase the vulnerability of your home to harsh winter weather.

A professional garage door technician will look out for your interests and make sure your garage door is up to par. Also, a technician will know when it is getting time for you to consider getting a new garage door. When it comes to garage door service around the Portland area, call the experienced team at Larry Myers Garage Doors. We have been providing garage door repairs and service throughout the Pacific Northwest since 1973.