5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Garage Space

Your garage is one of your most versatile outdoor spaces. That space, however, is only as useful as you make it. If you want to take advantage of this addition to your home, you need to think critically about how you organize it.

Some of the easiest ways to make the most out of your garage space include:

Invest in Storage Bins

The fastest way to clutter your garage is to leave your tools and appliances scattered willy nilly. One of the simplest ways, in turn, to give yourself more space to move is to invest in storage bins. Storage bins stack on top of one another and make it easier for you to keep similar tools together. Whether you’re storing gardening supplies in the winter or holiday decorations in the spring, these bins stay out of the way.

Organize Vertically

If you’re trying to take advantage of your garage’s extra space, our first piece of advice is don’t spread your things out on the ground. Instead, consider the benefits of vertical organization. For example, you can stack your storage bins while investing in tall shelving units. You can even bring home a toolkit tower instead of a horizontal workbench. The more you’re able to build up towards the ceiling, the more room you’ll have to move around.

Keep Looking Up

Are you using your garage ceiling to your advantage? So long as you take the height of your car into account, you can hang certain tools and appliances from safe, ceiling-down shelves. Secure your tools of choice with care and enjoy the extra room you have to move throughout the rest of your garage.

Install Open Shelving Units

Shelves always make it easier for you to organize your space. Open shelving units, however, have more purpose in a garage than closed ones do. If you install open shelving units, you can keep track of your belongings without relying on your memory.

Clean Your Garage Regularly

One of the simplest ways to take advantage of your garage’s extra space is to keep it clean. Host a garage sale, donate the supplies to GoodWill, or otherwise remove them from your home. Get rid of belongings or tools you don’t use anymore. If they’re supplies that you don’t take advantage of regularly, all they’re doing is limiting the amount of space in your garage that you can use.

Let Larry Myers Help You Make the Most of Your Garage’s Space

When you take steps to keep your garage clean, well-organized, and maneuverable, you can tackle your honey-do list a little more easily.

Larry Myers has served Portland and Vancouver for nearly fifty years. If you want to upgrade your garage door or improve this outdoor space, give our team a call.