Creative Ways to Use Garage Space

Is there room for your car inside your garage? If not, don’t feel bad…you’re not alone. Nearly a quarter of homeowners with garages use the space for something other than vehicle storage! Unfortunately, instead of making the most of the extra square footage that comes with a garage, many people stuff it with boxes and items that they don’t need or use.

Looking to do something different? Find out how!

Prepare Your Garage for Something Great

Before you can transform your garage into a creative, usable space, you have to get rid of the clutter and clean things up. Make sure the garage is watertight, which includes preventing water from seeping in under the garage door. The last thing you want is to take the time and money to create an awesome garage, only to have it ruined with the first big rainstorm.

Once you’ve managed the mess and given everything a good scrub, you’re ready to transform those garage fantasies a reality.

4 Ideas for an Amazing Garage

Exactly how far you can take a garage transformation will depend on your budget. Turning the space into a spare bedroom isn’t practical if extending HVAC utilities and improving insulation isn’t a reality.

We hope that following ideas will inspire you to make a solid plan whether you’re all about the DIY or your contractor is on speed dial.

Focus on Your Needs

By trying to make the space fit too many things, you’ll end up with more clutter and frustration. If what you really need is an entertaining space or a guest bedroom don’t try to double up with storage for sporting equipment and snow blowers. Make a commitment and go for it.

Add Color

Paint the walls and floor in a durable moisture-blocking paint that can stand up to wear and tear. You can transform dull garage floors with a colorful paint or stain formulated especially for concrete. Add area rugs to designate zones and add warmth.

Get Vertical

Let’s face it…your garage probably still needs to serve as storage space. Install vertical shelving to keep boxes off the floor.

Upgrade Your Garage Door

Improving the space inside of your garage is only half the job. A stylish new garage door not only increases your resale value and curb appeal, but it will also improve the look and function of your new space.

If a garage makeover is in your future, call Larry Myers Garage Doors in Portland or Vancouver. With a new garage door, we can help you to make your garage into the favorite room in your home.