Preparing Your Garage for Fall and Winter: 3 Tasks You Shouldn’t Skip

Preparing your home for fall and winter doesn’t have to be a hassle. If you get ahead of the work, you can comfortably ease your way into the cooler months of the year without worrying about your garage’s health.

With that in mind, be sure to see these three tasks through before fall’s first cold snap:

1.   Get Rid of Your Clutter

The last thing you want to contend with during the fall and winter months is unnecessary clutter. This clutter makes it more challenging to maneuver through your space when the weather turns. It can even force your car or snowblower out into your driveway if it takes up enough room.

Take advantage of summer’s warm weather and the best fall days, then host a garage sale. Alternatively, donate your unneeded goods to your local second-hand retailer. The sooner you can get unwanted clutter out of your garage, the healthier your garage will be throughout the winter.

2.   Turn Off Your Water

The water faucets in and around your garage help you landscape throughout the warmer months of the year. Come fall and winter, however, these faucets can pose several risks to your garage.

When the water in your faucets starts to freeze, it expands. In turn, the pipes running through your garage’s walls can begin to show signs of damage. Before you know it, you may have a leak on your hands. Leaks can not only ruin your pipes, but they can also freeze your garage floor, damage your appliances, and disrupt your garage’s foundation.

To get ahead of this damage, turn off the water faucets in your garage long before autumn hits.

3.   Remove Dangerous Items From Your Garage

Propane, paint, and refrigerant also respond poorly to the cold weather. Before winter really comes around, remove these items from your garage and get them to a safe, temperature-controlled environment.

You’ll also want to remove paper products and pet food out of your garage come fall and winter. Otherwise, animals seeking warmth will flock to these items and eat your pets out of house and home. If you can get ahead of this damage, try to prevent further infestations throughout your home, too.

Larry Myers Can Help You Protect Your Garage

Your garage is one of a few barriers to stand between you and the winter cold this year. Make sure that you’ve given your garage every advantage it needs, then, to protect your home. If you want to get your garage back into shape with accessories or a new door, call on the team with Larry Myers. You can schedule a consultation and explore the shop’s product line from the comfort of your home.