Which Architectural Styles Go Well with a Wood Garage Door?

Which Architectural Styles Go Well with a Wood Garage Door?

Your garage door is one of the first things people notice when they look at your home. It can even take up more than 30% of your home’s exterior face, which means that choosing the right garage door for your architectural style is essential.  

Wood garage doors are a unique and sophisticated option. Quality wood doors can enhance your curb appeal and improve your property value. Although they are typically more expensive than steel doors, these beautiful garage doors can elevate your home’s aesthetic and provide you with unmatched durability. 

The Benefits of a Wood Garage Door

There are many benefits of having a wood garage door. Homeowners often prefer them because they’re:

  • Beautiful
  • Distinguished
  • Unique
  • Durable
  • Weather-resistant
  • Customizable
  • Ecologically friendly

Wood garage doors have a refined appeal. Homeowners can easily choose between various types of wood and stains to fit their unique aesthetic. 

Of course, there are some drawbacks, as well. Wood garage doors require care to maintain their look and quality. They can also be a little more expensive than their steel counterparts. On the right home, however, wood garage doors can provide a stunning addition to your space. 

Styles that Go Well with a Wood Garage Door

Wood garage doors are the perfect choice for many architectural styles. Some of the homes that pair particularly well with wood garage doors include:

Mediterranean Homes

Mediterranean homes are popular in the southwestern United States and southern California. They often have tilted roofs and feature a partial plaster or stucco construction. Wood garage doors complement this architectural style very well, bringing warmth and beauty to your space. 

Farmhouse Homes

Classic farmhouse and modern farmhouse styles are also perfect for wood garage doors. Whether it’s more traditional or an updated design, a farmhouse structure pairs naturally with a rustic wood door aesthetic. 

Tudor Homes

Tudor homes are partially constructed with stucco, as with Mediterranean homes, but they also feature decorative half-timbering. The classic exterior of these homes works beautifully with wood garage doors. Best of all, you can stain your wooden garage doors to suit your home’s color scheme. 

Craftsman Homes

Finally, craftsman homes work wonderfully with wood garage doors. Craftsman homes often feature a covered porch with an exterior made of mixed stones or brick. This style is very versatile. Pairing it with a wood garage door is the perfect way to elevate your curb appeal.

Caring for Your Wood Garage Door

It’s important to note that wood garage doors require maintenance to stay in ideal condition. Here are some ways to care for your wood door:

  • Keep it clean
  • Remove chips or peeling
  • Use a durable coat of finish
  • Watch out for pests
  • Look for rot

Maintaining your garage door does require some extra work, but even just a little care goes a long way. And, in the end, having a wood door to compliment your home makes the effort more than worth it, as the final look is stunning.

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